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IRS Offshore Accounts Cases - Testimonials

“One afternoon my Father received a letter from the Department of Justice that turned our lives upside-down. He was being criminally investigated for potential tax fraud. We’re honest people and we wanted a firm that could understand what we were going through. After searching for a while and talking with several different firms, we found the perfect fit with Thorn Law Group. Mr. Thorn has helped us better cope with our situation and has given us irreplaceable guidance throughout the investigation process. I do not think we would have gotten the same results or felt as comfortable throughout this ordeal without the attorneys of Thorn Law Group.

Former Client


“My father left me a large Swiss inheritance that I did not learn of until recently. After having seen a lot of media and coverage on the voluntary disclosure programs and how the IRS has been cracking down on taxpayers with undisclosed offshore accounts I felt compelled to disclose my foreign assets. After doing a little online research and I trusted that the attorneys at Thorn Law Group would be the most experienced to handle my tax matters. After my first confidential consultation with Kevin Thorn my research was reaffirmed. Mr. Thorn’s professionalism and knowledge on the matter far exceeded my expectations and I was not only impressed with him and the other attorneys at the firm but also with their final work product. Everything was executed perfectly as Thorn Law Group guided me through the Voluntary Disclosure process. I could not have asked for better tax law representation. Thank you Thorn Law Group!”

Former Client


“Thank you for all your help! You helped us get the deal of a lifetime through the 2011 IRS Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Initiative. Other attorneys struggled with our corporate statements and our duel citizenship issues but you and your team of tax attorneys were also so prepared and effective when communicating with IRS officials. Words cannot explain the relief and comfort you’ve given my family and I throughout the voluntary disclosure process.”

Former Client


“Having an international lawyer like Kevin Thorn who has the experience of helping numerous clients come into compliance by disclosing their overseas bank accounts is an invaluable asset. I’ve worked with many private sector tax attorneys and none of them have demonstrated the same breadth of knowledge that Mr. Thorn has shown. I couldn’t think of anyone better to serve as my attorney throughout my IRS criminal investigation.”

Former Client

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