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Thorn Law Group is committed to helping clients resolve serious civil and criminal tax law controversies. The tax attorneys at our firm counsel and advocate for individual taxpayers, professionals, executives, banks, corporations, trusts and other entities across the United States and around the world. Our legal team leverages 30-plus years of collective tax experience to handle complex cases before all bodies that hear tax law matters, including the Internal Revenue Service, U.S. Tax Court, U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and state taxing authorities. 

At Thorn Law Group, our attorneys are uniquely positioned to represent clients dealing with sensitive controversies involving undisclosed offshore bank accounts. As former attorneys with the IRS and law clerks with the United States Tax Court, our legal team understands the complex legal issues involved in these types of cases. We know how tax amnesty programs work and we have extensive experience guiding clients through the IRS Voluntary Offshore Disclosure process.

The attorneys at Thorn Law Group appreciate the sensitive nature of tax controversies and disputes, particularly when the matter involves offshore accounts and foreign assets. In every tax case we handle, our legal team aims to build a strong partnership with our clients. Our lawyers are skilled counselors who take the time to explain complicated tax law processes and procedures. We appreciate the pressures that our clients are under and we strive to resolve their tax cases as quickly and discreetly as possible.  

The Experienced Tax Law Attorneys at Thorn Law Group

Kevin E. Thorn:  Founder and Managing Partner

Kevin Thorn is the founder and managing partner of Thorn Law Group. He is a highly accomplished tax attorney with extensive experience handling a broad range of civil and criminal tax law issues and disputes. Mr. Thorn is nationally and internationally recognized for delivering exceptional guidance and advocacy in sophisticated tax law matters, including cases involving offshore voluntary disclosures, the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), Foreign Bank Account Reporting (FBAR), IRS and DOJ criminal investigations and undisclosed offshore accounts. He represents individual taxpayers, corporate executives, professionals, banks, corporations, trusts and other organizations involved in complex tax controversies. Clients throughout the United States and around the world regularly seek out Mr. Thorn for his superior legal skills and straight-forward approach to resolving serious tax law matters.

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Mary Elizabeth Rinaldi:  Technical Director of Tax Controversies

Mary Elizabeth Rinaldi serves as the Technical Director of Tax Controversies at Thorn Law Group. She is a highly skilled tax attorney who represents clients in a diverse range of complex national and international tax law matters. Ms. Rinaldi’s clients include individuals, businesses, partnerships, corporations, trusts, banks and other entities operating in the U.S. and around the world. She draws on her extensive tax experience to represent clients in national and international tax disputes and litigation, including cases involving IRS and DOJ criminal investigations, undisclosed offshore accounts, offshore voluntary disclosures and Foreign Bank Account Reporting (FBAR). Ms. Rinaldi is a seasoned litigator who knows how to successfully advocate for her clients before the IRS, U.S. Department of Justice, federal courts and state taxing authorities. Before joining Thorn Law Group, Ms. Rinaldi served as a law clerk with the U.S. Tax Court and as a trial attorney with the Internal Revenue Service.

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